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Set of CMYK  1 Liter  each of Vibrant, brilliant colors. Choose quality below.

Excel Eco Gold 

• Excellent color gamut. 
• Completely free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), as defined in the Federal 1990 Clean Air Act.
• 48 months outdoor weather resistance. 
• Color and density consistency between different batches.  
• Minimum maintenance whether the printer is in use or idle.
• No clogged nozzles thus ensuring better print quality on a wide range of vinyl and paper substrates.
• Less wear on the print heads. 
• More than 12 months shelf time. 
• Made in Taiwan. 


Your printer's ink system and heads MUST BE FLUSHED WITH CLEANING SOLUTION before you change to our compatible ink, or IT WILL CLOG YOUR PRINTHEADS AND INK SYSTEM. We will not assume any responsibility for damage to ink delivery system or printheads if you use our ink before flushing your system.


Printer Compatibility: All dx4, dx5, dx6 and dx7 epson based printheads.


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